How to put on your new laces

The Easy Way

To learn how to cross-lace your shoes click the link below.

Click here for a tutorial


Bar lacing shows off your shoelace designs the most!

Click here for a tutorial

Diamond Lacing 

Learn how to create a diamond pattern with your shoelaces.

Click here for a tutorial

Checkerboard Lacing 

* Requires two pairs of shoelaces.
This style is a unique conversation starter that will grab the attention of any room!

Click here for a tutorial

  • What if I order the wrong size?

    We accept returns up to 30 days after order placed.

    Once the shoelaces have been worn outside we cannot accept the return.

    A photo must be sent via email for us to accept.

  • What are your laces made of?

    • 100% recycled polyester
    • 100% recycled plastic shoelace tip
    • 100% recycled plastic package
    • 100% recycled business card
  • What kinds of shoes work with Spiffy Laces?

    Only shoes that will support flat shoelaces. 

    Examples include; Vans, Converse, and select Adidas shoes.

    We exclusively sell flat shoelaces. 

    Round shoelaces coming soon

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